Cowrie Village 

Sustainable Solutions for Better Living

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Cowrie Village (CV) is a social enterprise fiscally sponsored by Empowerment Works, a 501c3 organization whose  international focus is to empower marginalized communities to build and sustain solutions for better living.   Over time, Cowrie Village will grow to become an independent 501c3, offering fiscal sponsorship to the unique projects within it’s umbrella.

Cowrie Village operates under a simple business structure overseeing three pillar projects:


Rootical Gathering

Barter to the People  

Approaching each pillar project as it’s own division maximizes vertical familiarity within each division and allows the autonomy each project needs to make the most of the Cowrie Village “next economy” philosophy.  Cowrie Village serves as the unifying umbrella providing administrative, marketing and legal support to each project.

Each project within Cowrie Village provides a different avenue of entrance to the next economy.   Since initiating our work in 2012, we’ve seen that there are a wide variety of interests in how to promote the next economy and folks have different thresholds for change.  The Cowrie Village objective is to engage community at whatever point drives them most.